P^cubed ‘Pick-Pocket Proof’ Pants: For the Security-Conscious Adventure Traveler

Spend any time traveling and you’ll quickly learn that pickpocketing is a very real threat in many parts of the world (Colombia is even alleged to have a formal school for those looking to hone their craft).

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Clothing Arts is looking to put a dent in that business with the release of their P^cubed Pick-Pocket Proof Pants. When designing these pants, their goal was simple: construct the most durable, most comfortable, most “bulletproof” (no, not literally) pair of pants possible.

Given that most adventure-minded travelers beat the holy hell out of their clothing, this was obviously a tall order. So how do they stack up?

Clothing Arts P^cubed Pick-Pocket Proof Travel Pants
P^cubed Pick-Pocket Proof Travel Pants

The Skinny

First, a bit about the P^cubed Pants in the manufacturer’s own words:

Mid-Weight 25% Nylon 75% Cotton Canvas – Feels and Wears like Cotton with the 10lb Tearing Strength of Nylon – its Bomb Proof!

Advanced Dual Action DuPontâ„¢ Teflon® fabric protector – Repel Oil/Water & Release Stains.

Select Your Level of Security – the Function of 4 Money-Belts Right at Your Fingertips!

Side Cargo – Expandable Double Thick Double Secure Cut-Resistant Cargo Pockets

And this brief video explains things a bit further:

In Detail


Straight out of the box, it’s obvious that a lot of care went into making these pants. The material is very heavy duty – almost like a pair of Carhartt work pants.

Clothing Arts notes the pockets are cut-resistant and the fabric is double-thick with extra durable stitching/thread – in their words “bomb proof”. It’s also wrinkle, rain and stain resistant – a real plus for adventure travelers.


Adam from Clothing Arts warned me: “From one traveler to another – you might not ever take them off … maybe to wash once in a while!”. And he’s right – the material is soft and comfortable, but with a rugged “I could go canyoning in these” feel.

If, like me, you’re used to a below-the-waist fit (as is the case with many jeans today), note that these pants sit properly right on the waist.

Clothing Arts P^Cubed Pick-Pocket Proof Travel Pants
P^cubed Pick-Pocket Proof Travel Pants

Design & Security

The security features built into these pants are so cleverly hidden that, the first time I put them on, I had to do some serious digging to find all the pockets. Even some of the pockets have pockets. The rear left pocket, for example, features a zipper and button enclosure and inside that is a hidden, zippered passport and money pocket. It’s almost impossible to spot even if you know it’s there.

This makes life all the more difficult for pickpockets, while guaranteeing that you have plenty of places to stash your travel essentials. Other nice storage features include a rear cargo pocket that expands to fit most average-sized guidebooks, concealed front smartphone pockets, and a removable bottle holder pocket so you’ll always have water close at hand.

Bottom Line

There’s a lot to like about the P^cubed Pick-Pocket Proof pants – they’re extremely durable, well designed, guaranteed and feature-rich. Sure, you can buy two pairs of well made cargo pants for the price of these. But don’t let the higher price point scare you off. We’ve always been of the mindset that it’s worth paying a little more for better gear that can often last indefinitely.

Pricing & Availability

Available now in green, grey or black directly from ClothingArts.com for $109.95.

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