Pacsafe MetroSafe 400: (Nearly) Bulletproof Carry-on Travel Bag

Pacsafe MetroSafe 400 - Convertible Carry-on Travel Bag

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We’ve really been digging Pacsafe‘s entire lineup lately and their “urban stealth” MetroSafe line in particular.

After an awesome experience with their tiny, tough-as-nails MetroSafe 250 netbook bag, we decided a review of the largest of this newest product line – the MetroSafe 400 – was in order.

The Skinny

Here’s the lowdown in Pacsafe’s own words:

The MetroSafe 400 is an ideal bag to use as carry-on luggage for an overnight stay or short break.

The integrated combination lock and high-tensile stainless steel cable allow the bag to be locked through the tamperproof zipper rings then locked to a secure fixture in a hotel room or rental car, or on public transport.

The bag has a flexible, padded construction with four side compression straps for versatility.

There’s a special padded compartment for a 15.4” laptop to ensure it is protected at all times.

Depending on requirements, the bag can be easily converted from a shoulder bag to a backpack by simply switching the detachable shoulder strap with the concealable backpack straps.

In Detail


As with many of Pacsafe’s products, the design of the MetroSafe line is sleek urban minimalist. The goal is to go undetected – to not draw attention to one’s self.

The interior is equally as simple and minimal with an array of well-placed zippered mesh pockets – both on the top and sides. Elastic straps are available to securely snug down a weekend’s worth of clothing/gear or a laptop up to 15.4″.

One of my biggest gripes about standard laptop bags is how uncomfortable they can be during long-haul travel. Carrying one via the top handle grows tiresome, as does using the usually included shoulder strap. This is where the “convertible” part of the MetroSafe really shines. Dual backpack straps are available when necessary to wear the bag like a standard backpack for better comfort. They also smartly stow away in a separate rear compartment when no longer needed.


Like all Pacsafe bags, the MetroSafe 400 is built extremely tough – about as durable as a soft-sided travel bag gets. The eXomesh is so well integrated that it’s almost impossible to detect, even when you know it’s there.

What best sets this bag apart from most laptop/travel bags however, is the integrated combination lock. Find a fixture in your hotel room, a steel bar on the train, etc. – anything that’s nailed down well – and simply attach the bag to it. Coupled with the aforementioned eXomesh, only a really, really determined thief is going to be able to snatch your wares.

Pricing & Availability

Available now directly from Pacsafe for $149.99. Or skip over to Amazon where we found it for as low as $125.

Bottom Line

We think Pacsafe’s entire line hits the sweet spot between throw-away, bargain basement travel bags and outrageously overpriced luggage. At $150, the MetroSafe 400 is no different. With an almost impenetrable exterior and the flexibility of going from briefcase to backpack on the fly, we think it’s well worth the investment. Highly recommended.

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