Pacsafe MetroSafe 250 Shoulder Bag: A Mobile “Safe” for the Modern Traveler

Pacsafe MetroSafe 250

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Within backpacker circles, the Pacsafe name is almost legendary for their over-the-top mesh backpack and travel protectors. While these no doubt deter and stop thieves, the “average” traveler (if there is such a thing) is often looking for a more subtle approach.

Enter the MetroSafe line of urban travel bags. We spent a few weeks on the road with Pacsafe’s new MetroSafe 250 travel shoulder bag – the “middle child” if you will of the MetroSafe line.

The Skinny

First, a quick look at the MetroSafe 250 in the manufacturer’s own words. At the heart of Pacsafe’s anti-theft technology are four key features:

  • eXomesh® Slashguard in lower front, side and bottom panels
  • Slashproof adjustable shoulder strap
  • Snatchproof shoulder strap allows the bag to anchor to a secure fixture
  • Tamperproof zippers on main compartment and front organiser compartment

Additional features include:

  • Large main zippered compartment with internal slip pocket for magazines and pocket for mp3 player
  • Headphone port
  • Front zippered organiser compartment with 2 padded electronic gadget pockets and credit card slots, pen holder and key clip
  • Small front zippered map pocket with concealable zipper puller
  • 2 water bottle / compact umbrella side pockets

In Detail


The MetroSafe 250 isn’t going to turn any heads and that’s exactly the way we want it. It’s not clearly a laptop bag, an iPad bag, a camera bag (with obvious lens “bulge”) … or haughty man purse. It could be any or none of these things, which is exactly how we like it. The name of the game here is “urban stealth” – maximum mobile security with a minimal, understated design that provides no clue as to the pack’s contents.


Pacsafe is synonymous with high-tech, anti-theft bag technology for good reason. The integrated eXomesh® stainless steel security wiring does wonders to stop thieves from slashing and stealing your goods. It’s also so intricately woven into the bag’s design that it’s difficult to detect even if you know it’s there.

After a few weeks of steady use, we found just one minor quibble. Though the MetroSafe is “designed for netbooks”, we found the padding of the main compartment, particularly on the bottom, to be a little on the thin side. To be sure, it’s not a deal breaker and we were never concerned about our valuables. However, other netbook bags we’ve tested offer slightly more generous padding which is always welcome when protecting one’s electronics.


The MetroSafe 250 weighs in at little over one pound – surprising, given the added security mesh wiring.

With enough room for all our daily travel essentials – netbook, cell phone, digicam, magazine, etc. – the 250 is the perfectly-sized day bag for us. It’s larger than many netbook bags, yet smaller than most backpacks. It’s proven to be a “throw it over the shoulder and forget it” affair.


For sale new on, starting as low as $62.50.

Bottom Line

The size, weight, and capacity are spot-on for most traveler’s daypack needs. Add in the peace of mind of the aforementioned security features and, at just north of $60 USD, we think the MetroSafe 250 is a great buy. Recommended.

Founding Editor
  1. Great review Mike. I might look at upgrading to the 250 as it looks like it holds a little more than the Pacsafe MetroSafe 200 that I’ve owned for about 3 or 4 years.

    I love the 200 and use it as a “man bag” on a daily basis. I hate trying to cram all the bits and pieces I want to carry into my pockets. Invariably I leave something at home that I need as well. Instead, I simply leave everything in my 200 and sling it over my shoulder, leaving my pockets empty.

    Packsafe must put a good deal of thinking into the design of their bags. I found the design of the 200 to be brilliant with pockets and flaps in just the right places.

    I particularly notice this when moving through airports where I need to access passports and tickets several times. I can quickly access the items then secure them back in the bag using just one hand and without looking at the bag.

    I’m 51 years old and I expect many men of my age may find it a little feminine carrying a shoulder bag. I have never felt this with the 200 and never received any adverse comments. I think this is because of the neutral design that you refer to which allows it to be worn by either men or women. Whilst it is stylish, it doesn’t stand out so is less likely to attract thieves in the first place.

    As mentioned, my 200 gets used daily. I just checked it and there is absolutely no sign of wear. This is surprising because when I get in the car I usually put it on the vinyl floor where it will occasionally slide around. Other bags used to wear on the corners when subjected to the same treatment.

    With previous bags I noticed the zip would fail after a year or so. The top zip on the 200 is opened and closed several times a day and it still shows no sign of any wear.

    Thanks again for your review of the 250 and I will definitely check it out as a possible upgrade to my 200.

    Allan McDonald @

  2. Thank you so much for this review. I have been contemplating for a few hours to get this bag or not. I have been looking a for a day pack for a while and saw this on Amazon but it didn’t have enough reviews so I googled it and got to yalls website. I am already a reader of yalls site so Im gonna go ahead and make the purchase.

  3. I have the Metrosafe 200 and liked t very much, but the fit was too tight for getting my ipad out of my bag easily. I kept wishing the bag were just a touch bigger! Well it looks like my dreams have come true. I will be upgrading!

  4. I use a motorcycle everyday (scooter), and im looking for a bag thats fits everything i need for my job, a beltbag doesnt really quite nail it. so i went around looking for heavy duty sling bags then i stumbled upod this metro 250. at first glance it looks like a semi back pack and the color is blue then i tried on the black one and i said perfect!.. its not too heavy when i pack all my things inside. and the locks are amazing.

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