Wrist Pod Camera Strap

Wrist Pod: Attach Any Camera to Your Wrist

Wrist Pod Camera Strap

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If you’ve ever been surfing, biking, climbing or involved in any kind of intense sport, you know that it’s difficult to juggle your digital camera and capture the action while in the moment. The same can be said for modern travelers and photography enthusiasts who often carry an array of digital camera gear.

Enter Golden Hour’s Wrist Pod.

The Skinny

So, what exactly is the Wrist Pod? In the manufacturer’s own words:

Take pictures at a moments notice and never worry about dropping your camera.

The Wrist Pod’s patent pending design is the ideal solution for those of us who want to take great pictures, but don’t want to sit out of the action.

The Wrist Pod is a unique camera accessory that allows you to attach any camera to your wrist and wear it like a watch. Its heavy duty neoprene strap will hold your camera tightly to your wrist when swimming paddling or climbing and your camera will tilt up at a moments notice when you want to take a picture or video.

In Detail


Originally designed to withstand the rigors of surfing, the Wrist Pod can naturally take a beating. At first inspection, we immediately loved its solid, well-built construction. The thick, waterproof neoprene strap, coupled with a heavy duty Velcro leave no doubt that, once secured, your camera’s not going anywhere.


The unit is a straightforward, one-piece affair, designed to Velcro into place like an oversized bracelet or wristwatch. Once affixed to your wrist, simply secure your digital camera to the mount (it uses the camera’s universal tripod mount guaranteed to fit any camera) and you’re good to go. That’s it. It requires no additional mounts, adapters or other ancillary pieces.


We took the Wrist Pod on a recent photography walk around our hometown. After a couple hours of use, we still found it to be quite comfortable while still retaining a snug fit.


The manufacturer notes that it’s “perfect for all sorts of sports and activities where pockets, quick access, or dropping your camera are a concern.” Although it’s clearly aimed at sports enthusiasts, the applications for travel are clear.

If you’ve found yourself exploring some far-flung destination, snapping photos all day, you know that it grows tiresome to constantly stow and pull out your digital camera. The Wrist Pod ensures that it’s ready in just a few seconds with the quick flick of a wrist. When you’re ready to snap a photo, simply flick the camera into place.


Available now direct from Golden Hour Company for $24.95 (USD). International shipping available.

Bottom Line

It’s a niche product for sure, but a perfect one at that. Given the unit’s solid construction, all-day comfort, and reasonable price, the Wrist Pod is a winner. If you’re looking for the ideal way to secure your digital camera (or any camera for that matter) to your body during intense activities – even travel – it’s a great solution.

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