Wicked Audio Mojo Earbuds (teal)

Wicked Audio ‘Mojo’ Earbuds: Great Sound + Style in a Compact, Travel-Friendly Package

Wicked Audio Mojo Earbuds (teal)

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Sure we’ve been (as the kids say) “crushing” on Wicked Audio lately. Yesterday, we fawned over their latest DJ-friendly Solus headphones.

And while we love the big sound of true, full-sized over-the-ear headphones, our go-to for personal listening on the road is a pair of solid earbuds. WA’s latest Mojo earbuds provide excellent sound quality and a comfortable fit in a modern, ultra-portable design. For the style-conscious traveler, they’re also available in a variety of slick colors with matching, monochrome cords.

Pricing & Availability

Available now in 7 bold colors (including Red, Orange, Teal, Purple and more) for less than $20 USD (check Amazon).

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