Visit SPAM’s Meaty Museum

Bacon SPAM © Wyscan

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A museum dedicated completely to SPAM? Why not? After all it is America’s favorite canned meat–the competition for this title is probably very tough.

Billing itself as an “out-of-the-ordinary” adventure, the SPAM Museum in Austin, Minnesota (aka SPAM Town, USA) is filled with SPAM “artifacts” and memorabilia. The real lure however, seems to be the interactive portion of the museum where you can have a crack at canning SPAM products.

Free samples do not seem to be included in the museum experience–and that might be a good thing.

You can take a virtual tour of the museum and hash out all the details for your next trip at

  1. Crikey, and here I thought South Korea was the only place that overindulged in SPAM! I’m talking aisle upon aisle of different flavoured spam varieties… and gift boxes on holidays! I bet a museum of this type would fit right in here ;)

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