Triple Aught Design Legionnaire Travel Pants

Triple Aught Design Legionnaire Pant: Travel Pants for the Sexy (But Adventurous) Traveler

Today’s modern vagabond packs nothing more than s/he needs: gear that performs double duty, multi-function gadgets, and clothing that works in (nearly) any situation.

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We’ve already gushed about Triple Aught Design’s Praetorian Hoodie (week 2 by the way, and I’m still loathe to take it off except sometimes in the shower), concluding that “it’s the best of the best in terms of active/outdoor clothing construction”. Round two of TAD’s gear: they’ve sent us their Legionnaire Pant for closer inspection.

Triple Aught Design Legionnaire Travel Pants
Legionnaire Pant by Triple Aught Design

The Skinny

They’re just pants, right? Well, according to TAD:

Our Legionnaire Pant brings together a distinct combination of performance, design, and intrigue. Triple needle stitching and reinforced knees drive performance, while unique tailoring noticeably streamlines cargo pockets for progressive style without compromising utility. Enhanced details such as hidden internal pockets thicken the plot, while durable cotton herringbone material promises lasting toughness. Breathing new life into what a cargo pant can be, our Legionnaire Pant defies categorization.

In Detail

Sure all of the above sounds like a great bunch of marketing, but we actually found it to be a spot-on description of the Legionnaire Pant. Although I would attempt to categorize them as “adventurous urban chic”. The straight leg, active fit, and subdued design mean they’re suitable for almost any situation. They’re the kind of pants that suit an all-day snowmobiling trek followed immediately by an impromptu stop at the nearest downtown wine bar or gastropub. (Side note: when I first pulled them on, my girlfriend was confused, thinking they were dress pants.)

The construction is second-to-none and extremely heavy duty – quite possibly the thickest, most durable piece of clothing we’ve ever tested. This is thanks to 9-ounce, 100% cotton herringbone fabric, reinforced knees and triple needle stitching. Slap on a pair of knee pads and you’d feel entirely safe taking these motocrossing.

Triple Aught Design Legionnaire Pant
Triple Aught Design Legionnaire Pant (not shown actual size)

For adventurous travelers, the big win is pockets, pockets and more pockets. Specifically: two front welt pockets, two hand pockets, two thigh cargo flap pockets with hidden dual button closure, two hidden interior rear patch pockets, and two rear pockets with hidden dual button closure. There’s literally pockets inside of other pockets. If you’re a Swiss Army type of traveler who loves to keep their gear close at hand, these are definitely for you.

I found them to be an excellent bit of kit on a recent trek through the wintery wilds of Massachusetts. The cotton construction is substantial enough to keep my legs warm and safe from wayward branches, while the straight leg design is plenty comfortable even on long distance hikes.

Pricing & Availability

Available now in Charcoal Grey for around $130 (USD) directly from Triple Aught Design.

The Bottom Line

For the modern vagabond who craves smart, adaptable gear and clothing, the Legionnaire Pant comes through in spades. Ultra sturdy construction and more storage pockets than two pairs of standard cargo pants, all wrapped in a sleek, modern design make these a win for any style-conscious adventure traveler.

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