Triple Aught Design Praetorian Hoodie

Triple Aught Design Praetorian Hoodie: Perfect for the Active Traveler

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a little obsessed with hoodies. I’d wear them in the shower if only I could find one that dries fast enough.

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So when San Francisco-based Triple Aught Design offered to send me a sample of their premium Praetorian Hoodie for review, I jumped at the chance.

Triple Aught Design Praetorian Hoodie

The Skinny

In short, the Praetorian features:

  • Active fit
  • 100% Merino wool construction
  • Reinforced elbows
  • Two Hand Patch Pockets
  • Napoleon Pocket
  • All Zippers are YKK® Zippers
  • Thumb Hole Cuffs

In Detail

“Wow, you really like that, huh?” was my girlfriend’s not-so-subtle hint that it was perhaps time to change. Even if just for a day. A week after TAD had sent it to me, I realized I’d hardly taken it off. To say I love the Praetorian Hoodie is an understatement: it’s stylish, warm, insanely comfortable, and fits like a glove.

The biggest win for travelers and why I personally dig it so much is its Merino wool construction. For those familiar with this material of the gods: ’nuff said.

Triple Aught Design Praetorian Hoodie (Loden Green)
Triple Aught Design Praetorian Hoodie in Loden Heather Green

If you’re not familiar with it, it has an incredibly high warmth-to-weight ratio and the ability to regulate body temperature. In warmer weather, its fast-wicking – pulling moisture up and onto the surface of the fabric – to provide a natural cooling effect to keep you comfortable and dry. When the temperature drops, air pockets within the wool trap and insulate body heat. This makes Merino wool the ideal fabric for travelers who count on a flexible arsenal of clothing to ensure they’re prepared for nearly any weather situation. Bonus: it’s also naturally fire retardant in case you’re prone to [ahem] accidents.

Other features include a small Napolean pocket that adds just the right amount of storage for a smartphone, earbuds, or passport. Thumb hole cuffs ensure a nice snug fit in the arms while keeping your hands warmer and covered. And the massively oversized hood is ideal for anyone looking to smuggle a Thanksgiving turkey through customs. Or be an extra on the CW’s Arrow.

Pricing & Availability

Available now in Black, Charcoal Heather Grey, or Loden Heather Green for $175 (USD) directly from Triple Aught Design.

The Bottom Line

While the nigh $200 price tag is nothing to sneeze at, keep in mind that this is 100% plush Merino wool. In short, it’s the best of the best in terms of active/outdoor clothing construction – all natural, lightweight, fast wicking, will keep you warm even when its wet, and odor resistant. Pricey? Sure. But worth every penny. It’s the last hoodie I’ll need for a long, long time.

Founding Editor
  1. Hey, just read your article on the TAD hoodie. Looks really nice, but I’ve been eyeballing the Quantum hoodie by Icebreakers for some time now. I’m curious of your opinion as they seem to share many similarities. Any thoughts??

    Hope to get a thoughtful response.


  2. I bought this hoodie as a treat to myself and I wasn’t impressed. One of the pockets had been stitched partially closed by accident, and after two or three months of very light use, the serging has come loose around the zipper, and part of the sleeve as well. The merino wool is very good quality, and the fit is excellent. One thing that’s really nice is that the hood itself is HUGE, so you feel a bit like emperor palpatine with it up, andwould probably be large enough to fit a helmet for climbing, cycling, or spring skiing. On the whole, though, I have had much more durable hoodies for 1/4 the price. This was my first time buying TAD gear, but at that price point, if I were to buy again, I would probably go for the Arc’Teryx covert hoodie, or the Tracker Hoodie from Aether Apparel.

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