Gear Review: Satechi Slim Surge Protector

I reviewed Satechi’s mobile power unit a few weeks back, and it motivated me to look into more of their gadgets for the modern vagabond. Today I take a look at their Slim Surge Protector for gadget lovers on-the-go.

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The Slim Surge Protector is a solid way to expand the functionality of your international plug adapter and protect your gadgets from unreliable power grids. When you’ve spent a little time in places where the power lines are maintained on a “volunteer” basis, you come to appreciate a little extra security. The Slim holds three sockets and two USB slots.

I generally travel with two laptops, a tablet and a smartphone – fairly excessive for the average globetrotter. With the Slim attached to the end of my international adapter, I can charge all my devices at once, from the same plug. There’s even an extra socket left over for a camera or some Bluetooth speakers.

At $15.99 this is a great buy for the value, with one caveat: this surge protector does not feel durable. I haven’t killed it yet, but my breaking-things instinct tells me it wouldn’t be hard. On the plus side, the Slim Surge Protector does a good job of warning you as it nears the end of its functional life. It has a green LED that shuts off when the circuitry has absorbed all the excess shock it can handle.

If you’ve ever had issues with not having enough sockets on the road or with keeping your gadgets protected from surges, I can heartily recommend this piece of gear. Just be careful with it.

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