Spontaneity? There’s An App For That

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With a shake of your phone you can inject a little spontaneity into your next vacation.

A new app, Zufall, gives explorers the chance to go off book, on adventures both near and far from home.

The Quick Roll option is pre-set to blocks, which makes it a good choice for finding a nearby restaurant or attraction.

And “super” Zufall, lets you input your mode of transportation (walking, biking, driving); preferred activity (eating, shopping, exploring); and maximum travel time or distance. Then, with a shake of your hand your excursion is chosen.

Zufall was developed by Canadian couple, Valerie McTavish and Tim Wohlberg. The app takes its name from the German word for “chance” or “coincidence.” The inspiration for the app came from the couple’s commitment to random travel born on their first date.

On their first date the couple went camping, but were “crippled by indecision,” as McTavish puts it. The couple took a coin and flipped it every time they had to make a choice ”” north or south, east or west, which way at forks in the road, this or that campsite.

McTavish and Wohlberg believe that too much planning runs contrary to the true meaning of travel.

“We’ve done the whole guidebook thing ”” figuring out where you’re going to stay, what you’re going to do ”” and the trip becomes all about everything you think you need to do once you get there… What you miss is the journey along the way.”

Zufall is available for the iPhone ($1.99) and Windows Phone 7 ($1.29).

Read more at MSNBC.

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