Portable/Travel Body Scale

Portable Body Scale: For the Health-Conscious Traveler

Portable/Travel Body Scale
Portable/Travel ee1c Body Scale

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Portable luggage scales abound, but what about when you need to weigh yourself on the road? Health-conscious travelers will appreciate the simple, ultra-portable ee1c scale from ThinkGeek. With a rugged, hardened glass surface, it’s ideal for life on the road. The no-nonsense LED readout displays your weight in kilograms or pounds (courtesy of a switch on the bottom of the unit) and automatically turns off to conserve battery life.

Pricing & Availability

Available now in white for $29.99 from ThinkGeek.com.

Bottom Line

We love the ultra-compact form factor of the ee1c – at 8.27″ x 4.33″ x 0.79″, it’s roughly the size of a standard envelope. Unfortunately, this can make standing on the unit a bit tricky. Without ones feet flat on the display, the digital readout can flicker back and forth +/- a pound or two.

But for traveling health nuts, we can’t imagine a more ideal unit (with a combination of price, size, simplicity and durability) than this.

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