Police Greet Qantas Flight After Aussie Politician Refuses to Turn Off Phone

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You know the drill. Invariably on a flight there is someone who does not heed the announcements about turning off devices during takeoff and needs to be asked individually by the cabin crew to stop using their phone. If the passenger does not cooperate, often law enforcement is involved.

Such was the case with a Qantas flight. Australian Federal Police were called when the plane was mid-flight after a passenger refused to stop using his phone. The passenger in question turned out to be Australian Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus.

When the flight landed and was met by the police, the crew had changed their tune and advised that assistance was no longer required. Surely it was a coincidence and not an instance of a powerful official throwing their weight around and being granted special treatment.

Read more about this on news.com.au

  1. Shame on whomever decided not to press the charge of disobeying flight crew’s instructions.

    Most people don’t ask for much, they just want equal treatment in a world they well understand does not give equal results.

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