Mystery Odors Delay Two US Airways Flights

US Airways Express ©abdallahh

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This week US Airlines was plagued by bizarre scents in their aircraft cabins and in one case the odor sent aircraft crew to the hospital.

When passengers on Flight 439 from Philadelphia to Las Vegas noticed a persistant strange odor they were switched to a different aircraft. The aircraft switch delayed the flight by almost six hours.

And in a completely separate incident, four flight attendants at Florida’s Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport were hospitalized as a precautionary measure after a smell onboard a US Airways plane made them feel ill.

US Airways will probably think twice before adding beans to their in-flight menu–that is, if they even offer in-flight meals anymore…

Get more at MSNBC.

  1. I’ve noticed the cabin almost always smells like fuel right before they start to taxi. It’s like they’re purposely getting everyone high on fumes so they’re relaxed. This is on Continental and UA flights.

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