8 Most Complicated Countries to Visit

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The last thing a independent traveler wants holding up their adventures is a difficult visa process. Budget Travel has compiled a list of countries that””for Americans especially””can be complicated to secure a visa.

The well known big players, China, Russia and Brazil are covered on the list. But surprisingly Kazakhstan and Bhutan make appearances on the list.

Kazakhstan””the home of fictional Borat–is singled out because travelers must write a personal letter of intent to the embassy in Washington, D.C., stating the purpose of your trip, the places you plan to visit, and your dates.

And while the entry visa to Bhutan is cheap””only $20””all travelers must visit Bhutan via a licensed tour agency, and all visitors commit to spending a set daily minimum of $200. This money goes toward accommodations, food, transportation, the overseas-agent commission, and guide services (a requirement for Bhutan). Solo travelers are charged an additional $40 per day””not enticing for the independent backpacker types.

Read more at Budget Travel.

  1. Travelling is hard specially for americans bcuz of ur blind patriotism of thinking all the rest of the world is crap. Not a single waitress/seller will ever treat u good. Ur fame is known to everyone. That thing of ur mind connecting Borat to Kazakhstan is a good exemple of ur mental age.
    And surprisingly, you list the 3 countries with the killer global economy growth as being one of the hardest to travel…Interesting…interesting… It just had to show the United Emirates to complete the…uh…envyness?
    ps: im from belgium, have been to these 3 countries. Never had problems

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