Moshi Clarus In-ear Travel Headphones

Moshi Clarus: In-ear Headphones for the Traveling Audio Connoisseur

Moshi offers, among other things, a wide array of smartly-designed mobile gear and accessories. As it turns out, they also manufacture some pretty badass headphones too.

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Their budget Mythro buds can be had for less than $30 USD, while their flagship Clarus in-ear premium headphones are designed for the traveling audio connoisseur.

Moshi Clarus In-ear Travel Headphones

I really dig three features in particular about the Clarus ‘phones. First, they’re constructed of an all steel alloy which means the housing is rugged and designed to stand up to the rigors of daily travel. Second, the ear pieces are designed to rest on the cusp of the ear canals, not inside of them. This promises a lot less ear fatigue during long-haul trips. Lastly, they’re ultra-compact and weigh just 1.23oz (35g), which is just a few grams short of invisible — an important feature for minimalist travelers like myself.

Other features include: two-way drivers for extraordinary dynamic range, precision-tuned crossover that delivers sonic uniformity, a built-in mic, and custom carrying case with cable management and airline headphone adapter.

What’s more, the company even offers an iOS-based “Burn In” tool. I’m no audiophile so I won’t pretend to completely understand but they explain it thusly:

Like breaking in a new pair of leather shoes, high-quality headphones perform better once they’ve been used over time. This process can take several weeks or even months, so Moshi Audio has developed a helpful iOS application to expedite the burn-in process. By playing back a curated list of tones/frequencies, the Moshi Audio Burn-In Tool allows the headphone diaphragms to relax and reach their optimal level of sonic performance.

Simply install the burn-in tool on any iOS device and select the headphone and desired burn-in period. The burn-in tool is customized for all Moshi Audio headphones, but also includes support for any third-party audio headsets as well.


Pricing + Availability

Available now for around $200 directly from

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