IDAPT I3 Mobile/Travel Gadget Adapter

Idapt I3 Mobile Gadget Adapter

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Over the years, we’ve gathered quite the collection of travel gear and gadgets here at HQ. With that of course comes all of the requisite adapters necessary to power everything. That said, we were thrilled to check out IDAPT’s I3 mobile gadget adapter – a clever way to consolidate our tangled mess of cords, cables, and power bricks into a single power charging “station”.

The Skinny

The short version, directly from IDAPT:

IDAPT I3 uses a simple system of interchangeable tips that allows you to charge three portable devices (mobile phones, PDAs, MP3/MP4 players, videogame consoles, Bluetooth devices, digital cameras, etc.) at the same time.

It is ideal for personal use in the office or on your nightstand.

And the full feature list:

  • Interchangeable Tips: IDAPT uses a simple and intuitive system of interchangeable tips. Just select the tip and charge.
  • Ecological: IDAPT is good for the environment. As a single charger, it avoids duplication and helps limit the production of useless chargers.
  • Simultaneous: With IDAPT, you can charge multiple devices at the same time.
  • Easy Plug: The IDAPT is designed to make it comfortable and easy to plug in and unplug electronic devices.
  • Ergonomic: Its original and functional design makes IDAPT a sturdy and comfortable product for everyday use.
  • Universal: IDAPT is compatible with most electronic devices, regardless of make and model.

In Detail


Layout and design of the I3 is quite clever. Staggered, interchangeable jacks (note the photo above) allow for simultaneous charging of up to three mobile devices.

The interchangeable jacks are the real win here. The I3 is available with a pack of the six most commonly used tips (Nokia2, SonyEricsson2, Samsung4, iPod/iPhone, miniUSB and microUSB) or order a custom pack of four to ensure that you get only the tips you need for your gadgets.

A single toggle switch on the rear of the device provides simple power on/off functionality.


The entire I3 unit is constructed of fairly solid plastic all around. The only minor beef we had was that the area around the tip inserts and the “release” buttons flex a bit too much. It’s not a deal breaker, but it may be an issue for folks who are constantly changing out their inserts.

Availability & Pricing

Available in four colors (black, pink, silver, and white) directly from IDAPT online, from $49.99.

The Bottom Line

The IDAPT I3 does exactly what it’s supposed to – it’s a near-perfect “home base” for many of today’s common mobile/travel gadgets. Recommended.

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