Freeloading at the Complimentary Breakfast Buffet

Breakfast Buffet ©Tong Tara Resturant

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If you thought you were being a savvy budget traveler by loading up at your hotel’s complimentary breakfast buffet, next time take a good look around you. Some of the people around you have taken savings to a superstar level–they are enjoying a free breakfast at a hotel they aren’t even staying in.

Hotel managers are noticing more and more that their breakfast buffets are being enjoyed by non-guests who walked off the street and helped themselves.

“If you are savvy and need something to eat, it’s an easy thing to do,” said Bobby Bowers, senior vice president of operations for STR, a hotel research company… Nine out of 10 times staff won’t say anything unless the person is a regular offender or “looks tough and dirty,” he said.

There may be no such thing as a free lunch–but with a little cunning looks like you can get a free breakfast.

Get more at MSNBC.

  1. This is a favorite past time of mine. I kill breakfast buffets! Prolly saved thousands of dollars in lunch money after 14 months of travel. Fun post – thanks for sharing.

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