Coppola Resorts Opens Newest Hotel in Italy

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Francis Ford Coppola’s newest addition to Coppola Resorts is an homage to his Italian ancestors and a nod to the authentic side of Italy. The new Palazzo Margherita is a 9-suite hotel in Bernalda, Italy with history dating back to 1892.

Coppola’s grandfather left the town in 1902 and never returned. When Coppola first visited Bernalda in 1962 he was drawn to the town, believing it was “the real Italy.” It was only fitting to set his sights on Bernalda for his next hotel.

Coppola recently told Vogue magazine: Running a hotel is like making a movie; it’s all about putting on a show. You start with an idea, a theme–a leisure palazzo, for example–and then you pay attention to a million details. And whether you’re staying in a hotel or watching a film, it’s those details that provide the experience.

Additional photos of Palazzo Margherita can be seen at Huffington Post.

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