Booze in Your Flip-Flops? Q Would Be Proud.

You gotta hand it to the Reef beachwear company. Really, if there’s a beachwear niche to be filled, they’ve got it covered. After their Stash sandals made the Vagabondish 26 Killer Travel Gadgets Every Geek Needs, it appears they’ve been working to outdo themselves.

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… the good folks at Reef sandals may be on their way to helping plane travelers in need of a nip. They have a pair of sandals known as “the dram” that has a 1.5 ounce reservoir in each sole. Three ounces? That sounds like the TSA magic number for liquids to me!

God love American ingenuity. We can put a man on the moon and McDonald’s has finally figured out the tofu burger. And now booze in your flip-flops! Take that TSA!

Founding Editor
  1. two words: shoebomber, customs.

    Okay maybe that’s three. But there’s no you’d be allowed on a plane with your shoes full of liquid.

  2. Nah, probably not. But some security checkpoints here in the States aren’t asking folks to remove their shoes anymore. And unless they’re run through an x-ray machine, I can’t imagine how else they’d find out.

  3. TOTAL BUST-These mandals suck, me and two other friends all laid down the $50.00 bone for these and have all the same problem. Reef is known for their quality but fell short with these mandals. Within two months all three pairs(6)had cracked and broken to hell (in the flask) and wouldn’t hold fluid. All of us weigh under 150Lbs. We had them replaced and put some liquor in them for two days and then drank the plastic tastin vodka. Three or four months after that all the mandals were cracked again. So we give up.

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