eBags EXO Hardside 24" Spinner

eBags EXO Hardside 24" Spinner: (Near) Bulletproof Rolling Luggage

eBags has been quietly creating innovative luggage and travel products since we can remember. We’ve been huge fans ever since reviewing their Packing Cubes last year.

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Although we’re typically backpack-before-suitcase travelers, their latest EXO Hardside cases look totally badass, particularly in Utility Truck Yellow (my words, not theirs).

eBags EXO Hardside 24" Spinner

So when they offered a review sample of their EXO Hardside 24″ Spinner (in yellow no less), how could we say no?

The Skinny

In eBags own words:

Our EXO Hardside 24″ Spinner is built to the highest quality standards using light weight materials, rock-solid construction, and a unique exterior sure to get noticed on the carousel.

We wanted to create a lightweight checkable spinner that wouldn’t easily exceed the 50 pound limit. Careful study of cubic volume & clothing weight lead us to what we believe is the right size for most travelers. Superior grade 100% polycarb for optimum shatter/crack free performance, an efficient divided interior that includes our much-acclaimed moveable shelf system for slump-free packing. Finally, exterior colors that are rich, vibrant, and spotted instantly on the carousel.

Features of note include:

  • 100% Pure Polycarbonate shell – the most durable material choice for hardside luggage
  • Polished/Debossed Diamond Pattern reduces visible abrasion
  • Packing compartment is divided into two sections: Full-mesh zip-around cover for the perfect combination of containment and visibility / Open compartment with our innovative removable/adjustable shelf AND 5-point tie straps
  • Grey nylon lining – because who needs another black interior in a suitcase?
  • Large #10 self-healing coil zipper – the strongest available
  • Travel Sentry ® TSA recognized 3-dial combination lock for safe/secure packing

In Detail

We can’t overlook the color – we absolutely love this thing in Yellow (along with Green and Red). Love it or hate it, you won’t lose it on the luggage carousel. And no one else is going to mistake it for theirs. For the more stealth traveler, opt for Black, Blue, or Grey.

Although the specs rate the Spinner at a hair over nine pounds, it doesn’t feel it. We had no problem lifting it with a pinky finger (empty of course).

It’s not technically “bulletproof”, but the polycarbonate shell is still extremely sturdy. Not that we put it through a crush test per se, but we’d have no problem trusting our valuables to the horrors of the TSA checked bag screeners.

One great thing about traveling with just a backpack is the freedom to throw it over your shoulder and go. Unfortunately, that’s also the downside – you have no choice but to carry it. If there’s one thing that could make me a rolling luggage convert, it’s … well … the wheels. Sliding the Spinner along on the double-wheel casters is a breeze – almost makes you wish you could ride it through the airport.

eBags EXO Hardside 24" Spinner (open)

One particular design feature we love is the adjustable interior shelf. It goes a long way towards ensuring that your shirts and underthings don’t wind up in a wrinkled heap at the bottom of the bag.

Last but not least, eBags lives by their Lifetime “Whatever It Takes” Warranty. They assure me that this is a no-ifs-and-or-buts policy. Problems with your bag? They’ll fix or replace it – no questions asked.

OK, so really last but not least … Outside magazine dubbed it “the most durable and versatile spinner we’ve ever tested … protects like Fort Knox. A killer value.” And, unlike us, they really beat the bajeesus out of their gear.

Pricing & Availability

Available now. Retails for $179.99 in six colors directly from eBags.com. Carry-on conscious travelers: don’t miss eBags EXO Hardside Spinner Carry-On.

Bottom Line

Between the extremely durable polycarbonate shell, the lifetime warranty and a price-point at just under $180 USD, the EXO Spinner 24″ is a steal. Frankly, it’d be worth it at twice the price.

Founding Editor
  1. Hi Mike,
    I just read your review on the Exo hard sided spinner by ebags, thank you. I am strongly considering it and have been searching forever for the perfect carry on. I bought their mother lode as my bigger piece of checked luggage and absolutely love it. I’m wondering about the zipped inside compartment…when you access your “stuff” does it all fall out, and is that a nuisance if it does? Also, I’m intrigued that they offered a “review sample” to you. How would I be able to review for them, as my husband and I are about to do a lot of travelling over the next ten years or so. I love their products! I’m a stay at home Mom in Ma., okay my kids are all in their 20’s now so trying to figure out the rest of my life, but completely in love with travel, my husband works for a travel company in Boston and are just now able to partake of their amazing employee discounts, hence, loving to travel :). Thanks Mike, have an awesome day. Jill Moran

    1. Hey Jill,

      I love the eBags brand! Everything we’ve reviewed from them is excellent quality yet typically costs half the price of more well-known brands.

      Regarding the zipped inside compartment … I typically open the bag fully on a flat surface (a hotel luggage holder is ideal for this). This ensures that everything within the compartment doesn’t fall out. Also, I often travel with packing cubes so I don’t have too many loose items floating around in my bag to begin with. That certainly helps.

      eBags was kind enough to send a review sample our way in return for a bit of exposure on Vagabondish. It’s one of the perks of being a travel blogger! In addition to, ya know, all of the traveling ;)

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