Conman Gets 10 Years For Fake Bomb Detectors

Iraqi security checkpoint © Dan Pupek

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A man who financed a decadent lifestyle by selling fake bomb detectors used in war zones has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for his disgusting swindle. James McCormick sold a tricked-out golf ball finder that costs less than twenty bucks to UN security forces, police in Iraq and other agencies around the world for about forty grand a pop. He sold 6,000 of the bogus devices to the Iraqi government alone.

McCormick seems to have had no qualms spending the enormous profits from the sale of the bomb detectors on himself, even though he knew that they did not work at all and endangered the lives of multitudes of innocent people. His ill-begotten lucre includes homes in Bath, Cyprus, and Florida, a yacht, and a stable of horses for his daughter who aspires to be an Olympian.

Read more about this in The Telegraph

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