Cloak Bag Is the World’s Only Shoot-Through Camera Bag

Cloak Bag - Camera Bag

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From the “Why didn’t anyone think of this before?” department comes the Cloak Bag. It’s hailed as the “world’s only shoot-through camera bag” and it looks to be just that.

With dedicated side slits for easy access to your camera’s manual adjustments and an open bottom to ensure nothing is in the way of your lens, you can literally shoot from the hip anytime. The company reports that it’s “designed to fit the majority of popular SLR bodies”.

Perhaps the best part is that it’s almost completely stealth – you can walk around seedier corners of the globe without looking like you’re carrying $10K worth of camera gear.

The Cloak Bag is available in two colors (Fog & Turquose or Coffee Tree) from $49 directly from

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