Cambridge Audio GO Portable Bluetooth Travel Speaker

Cambridge Audio GO Portable Speaker: Never Leave Your Tunes at Home

The mobile audio market has been flooded in recent years with thousands of me-too products. But one brand that consistently floats to the top is Cambridge Audio. Their latest trio of portable Bluetooth speakers promises to stand even further apart from the crowd with staggering battery life and a host of technological innovations to make your music shine, no matter where in the world you’re wandering.

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Cambridge Audio GO Portable Bluetooth Travel Speaker

The Skinny

In Cambridge Audio’s own words, the new GO portable Bluetooth speaker is:

Packed with music enriching technology, the new improved GO streams music via Bluetooth for up to 18 hours! We have re-released the updated GO with Near Field Communication for lighting fast pairing and USB phone charging to make this the ultimate wireless speaker whether you’re home or away.

The Traveler’s Take

The 9.3″ x 4.8″ x 2.4″, 2.4-pound form factor mean it’s a bit large for RTW and long-term travelers, unless you’re really into music. But the GO is still quite portable – ideal for road trips or weekenders where you might not care too much about packing a few extra luxuries.

Music-lovers who choose to pack the GO on their next trip won’t be disappointed. The relatively small form factor pumps out serious, room-filling sound via two titanium tweeters and 2×2″ woofers. Cambridge Audio’s proprietary Digital Signal Processing squeezes every last ounce of detail (meaning high highs and low lows) out of every digital audio file.

The GO connects seamlessly with just about any modern mobile phone via Bluetooth or the more convenient NFC (Near Field Communication) – the latter by simply touching your device to the speaker for automatic pairing. There’s even a 3.5mm input in case you happen to be using a 1986 brick phone (a la Michael Douglas).

Lastly (and almost as importantly as the music itself) are the power features. The GO lasts for a solid 18 hours – no small feat for such a small device. What’s more is that it also includes an integrated USB port for on-the-go charging in case your mobile phone can’t keep up.

Pricing + Availability

Available now in Satin Black or Satin White for around $180 USD (£119.95) from Cambridge Audio and Amazon.

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