AViiQ: World’s Thinnest, Ultra-Portable Laptop Stand

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Tired of propping your laptop up on books and random miscellany gathered from around your hotel room? Fancy a more elegant solution? Weighing just 5.5 ounces, the AViiQ is the world’s thinnest, ultra-portable laptop stand designed to fit nearly any bag your laptop can. Each stand is constructed of a flexible, yet rigid, lightweight composite of aluminum and polyproplene designed to take a beating on the road.

The big win for travelers is its ability to raise any laptop 12 degrees above normal, improving air flow below the unit and extending its life. Plus, after a few months of use, I can attest to the fact that my wrists absolutely love the ergonomic angle of the AViiQ.

Available now for $80 at AViiQ.com. PLUS: Shop now through the end of February 2011 and receive 20% off with this exclusive offer code for Vagabondish.com readers: 10-TUV-06-MB-PC

Founding Editor
  1. This could be a good item to have. I am sick of my macbook getting so hot on my knees. Maybe they should invent better cooling systems for laptops.

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