An Uber-Portable Laptop for Minimalist Travelers

Matt’s traveling with the FlipStart – an ultra portable “laptop” that he claims:

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The thing has everything a real laptop has, does everything a real laptop does. It runs XP, Vista, has Bluetooth and wifi, touch pad, light-up keyboard, 30GB hard drive. The only thing it doesn’t have is a DVD drive — cause where would you put it?

It’s size indicates that it falls somewhere on the portability chart between a Blackberry and an ultra-portable laptop. Pretty cool for those travelers who are on the fence about whether or not to lug a computer around the world with them. The downside: it’s $2,000US. I’m not sure I could give up several months additional travel just to be able to check e-mail and send my usual stream of “How awesome are you?” Myspace trivia bulletins.

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