Your Home May Not Be A National Park, But It Can Smell Like One

What does Denali smell like, anyway? ©Blmiers2

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Love the wilderness? Wish you could take it home with you? Now you can make your home smell like your favourite National Park. In partnership with the National Park Foundation, Air Wick has come out with a new line of air fresheners that smell like several of America’s most treasured National Parks.

According to the company, scent experts were sent to Grand Canyon National Park, Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park, Virgin Islands National Park, National Park of American Samoa, and Denali National Park, and tasked with capturing the olfactory identity of each place. These experts observed how visitors experienced each park and used sophisticated technology to capture air samples that are used in the lab to create a scent that smells like the park.

The intent with these products is that the fragrance of the air fresheners will trigger positive memories of past visits to national parks and incite people to want to go visit there. Critics have been quick to point out that a more natural alternative to using air fresheners to bring the wilderness indoors is to actually go outside and experience nature first hand.

Find out more about this on NBC News

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