Off Track Planet "9 Favorite Travel Bloggers of 2013" (header graphic)

Vagabondish Voted Among Off Track Planet’s “9 Favorite Travel Bloggers of 2013”

OK, OK … we don’t often like to toot our own (rather sizable) horns. BUT, when a website we love showers us with praise, we’re pretty excited to share the news.

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Off Track Planet recently compiled their 9 Favorite Travel Bloggers of 2013. I’m not going to say it’s in any particular order (because OTP didn’t), but we’re in the top slot. Just sayin’ …

Off Track Planet "9 Favorite Travel Bloggers of 2013" (header graphic)

By no means a newcomer on the scene, this OG blog, run by a badass dude named Mike, brings it hard year after year. Full of great travel stories from across the web, this edgy, clever and informative site is bolstered by awesome contributors. From searching for the perfect phallic souvenirs in Taiwan to the insightful piece about why the world needs nomads, this site absolutely inspires us to continue being vagabondy-ish.

While I do some of the writing here, the overwhelming share from this year has been handled by our crack staff, including Ann, Steph, Amanda, Heather, and (greenhorn) Mishana. And this year is ending with a serious bang for us on the social media front thanks to the tireless Twitter-ing and Facebook-ery of our Social Media Ambassador Alice.

Thank you, thank you, thank you – you guys seriously rock!

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