United Airline’s New Pet-travel Rule Outrages Travelers

You are now cleared to board the plane–for $3,900   © FarrahK12

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Transporting pets on airplanes hasn’t been the most reasonable of airline fees. Next month, United Airlines is set to hike up the fees for traveling pets to as much as $3,900.

The new fees are of particular concern to U.S. military families living overseas with pets. Many travelers took to United’s Facebook page with comments on the fees.

Some comments expressed fears that military families would be unable to afford to take beloved pets home with them or that pets might be abandoned altogether.

More details on the fee change can be found at MSNBC.com

  1. Classifying pets as “cargo” is going to tick off a lot of travelers. You would think, with all of the inconvenience and PR problems airlines are having today, that they’d be reluctant to continue piling on the insults.

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