Tunebug Vibe Speaker: Solid Audio in a Sleek, Portable Package

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The Skinny

According to Tunebug, the concept behind their Vibe portable speaker is simple:

An ultra-portable sound generator that can be connected to MP3 players, mobile devices, laptops or any other device with a 3.5mm audio jack. Tunebug’s patented SurfaceSound technology lets sound waves pass through the surfaces it rests on turning many surfaces into a flat panel speaker.

In Detail

The “James Bond” cool factor of the Vibe is undeniable and the design is sleek, futuristic minimalist. The unit is well constructed and its weight provides every indication that it’s well-built to boot. You’ll never need to worry about dropping it.

At 5.3 oz, the Vibe is fairly average weight compared to other similar travel speakers. But its compact form factor (takes up less room than an iPhone) is the real win for travelers.

Audiophiles shouldn’t expect to blast bass-heavy electronica music through the Vibe though my sense is that’s not what Tunebug had in mind when designing this. The audio quality is good – solid for casual listening.

Pricing & Availability

Available from Amazon.com for around $60 USD.

Bottom Line

At nearly $60, there’s a price premium over other travel speakers for the unit’s “cool” factor. But there’s no denying the Tunebug Vibe looks great, packs up easily for travel and provides decent quality given its clever audio output technology. Recommended.

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