TSA Defends Pat-Down of 8-Month-Old Baby

Sometimes I wonder: if aliens landed on Earth tomorrow to find us doing this sort of thing, what would they think?

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How does the TSA not see that this is completely ri-f**king-diculous?

Founding Editor
  1. Well ya know! That story behind the photo wasn’t very detailed at all. I’m gonna assume that a metal detector or something went off when the baby went through, and they were just following the darn rules. It’s not like the kid is gonna be traumatized from it or anything.
    People call instances like this crazy, and then they’re gonna b!tch a ton if some jack@$$ tries n hides a knife with a baby or something.
    I’ve been patted down several times by security at airports, and it ain’t a big deal! Give em a break and back off!

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