TRTL BOT “Minimalist”: A Sleek, Eco-Friendly iPhone Case for Travelers

TRTL BOT Minimalist: Eco-Friendly iPhone 4 Case

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In keeping with the latest trend of eco-friendly mobile electronic cases, TRTL BOT has released an “eco-functional” line that we’re really digging.

The Minimalist is available for the iPhone 3G/3GS as well as the iPhone 4. It’s sleek, ultra-lightweight (just 0.5 ounces!) and even holds up to three credit cards – the perfect case for [ahem] minimalist travelers. Best of all, it’s made entirely from recycled plastic bottles so you can feel a little better about yourself while watching Kesha videos on that next transatlantic.


Directly from TRTL BOT from just $34.99 USD (+ shipping).

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