Closeup of a worn debit card

Travel and Money: Using Your Debit Card on the Road

Closeup of a worn debit card
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Using Your Debit Card on the Road

Using your debit card is one of the best ways to access cash and pay for items while traveling. But it’s not an infallible tool; below are some things to be aware of and tips for using your debit card safely on the road while minimizing fees.

Withdrawing Cash

No matter where in the world you travel to on vacation, you need cash on hand. But depending on the length of your trip and the country (or countries) you are traveling to, it is rare (and sometimes dangerous) for you to access and carry all the required cash with you from home. This is where your debit card can come in very handy.

Using your debit card at local bank machines often offers the most favorable rates and convenience factor. ATMs are almost everywhere, and where there isn’t an ATM, there’s usually a bank that can accept your ATM card as an instrument for withdrawing cash.

However it’s not as simple as pulling money out in $20 increments whenever you need it; here are a few things to think about …

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