Travel and Money: How to Get and Carry Cash Safely and Securely

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Today we’ll address getting and carrying cash safely and securely while you’re actively traveling on the road. Depending on where you go, it’s easy to be labeled as a tourist, which automatically makes you a target for theft and robbery. And in some countries, pick-pocketing is a finely attuned art form. In other places, full-on muggings are common occurrences. So it pays to be judicious about how you carry your cash so you aren’t left stranded.
Where to Get Cash

You have a few options for where to get your cash if you are in a country with a different currency:

  • You can convert funds at your home bank and bring foreign currency abroad with you. If the currency conversion rates are fairly stable or at a particularly favorable rate before you leave, this could be a good plan. But think hard about how much cash you want to convert and carry at the onset; if you covert all your spending money right away and carry it with you throughout your trip, you have no recourse if the cash is lost or stolen.

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