Transporter Sync Cloud Storage Device

Transporter Sync: Create Your Own Private, Unlimited Storage Cloud

Cloud storage has been a godsend for travelers and travel photographers in particular. So long as you’ve access to a solid web connection on the road, you never need worry about losing hundreds or thousands of your precious photos. But all those .RAW files and 13-megapixel .JPGs can eat through your allotted cloud storage limit in just a few travel days.

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Which is where Transporter Sync comes in.

Transporter Sync Cloud Storage Device

Transporter Sync turns any external USB drive into your own private cloud. The gist is simple: connect any USB drive to your home network, setup the Sync and you’ve just established your own secure, virtually unlimited storage cloud. The kicker: unlike web-based cloud storage services, there’s no monthly fee.

Other features include:

  • Accessibility: Automatically and privately sync, access and share photo library, music and important documents between all your digital devices
  • Security: All files are automatically protected, encrypted (256-bit AES) and reliably transferred to each device over the network
  • Sharing: Privately share an unlimited amount of data with everyone, anytime, anywhere
  • Peace-of-mind: Share and organize proprietary information and sensitive materials at a moment’s notice securely and confidentially
  • Ease-of-use: Set up is easy, simply connect to your router and plug in any USB external drive, in a few minutes your Mac or Windows computers will automatically find your Transporter Sync

Pricing + Availability

Available now in black for around $99 USD from Amazon (aff) and other premium electronics retailers.

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