Tourists Learn to Drive Bulldozers at Vegas’ Newest Attraction

Bulldozer © Official U.S. Navy Imagery

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The Great Recession brought a 20-year construction boom in Vegas to a grinding halt. But an enterprising small business owner is turning lemons into lemonade and renting out idle heavy construction equipment by the hour in an adult-sized sandbox.

MSNBC reports,

Ed Mumm [the business owner] said he started Dig This after renting and operating an excavator for himself for two days while building a house in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. He quickly realized that toying with heavy construction equipment is a diversion that takes participants completely out of their everyday lives.

“I thought to myself: If I’m having this much fun, imagine the amount of people that don’t get to do this stuff that would love to do this,” he said.

Get the entire article at MSNBC.

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