Tired of the Daily Grind, Japanese Man Walks Around the World

World At My Feet © Shahram Sharif

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Japanese man Masahito Yoshida has walked 20,000 km across Europe, Asia and North America. His motivation? Getting away from the daily grind.

“When I was in Japan, the same every day. I wake up, I work, I ate. The next day, the same. I wake up, I work, I ate. I was hoping to change my life, so I walk.”

Yoshida pulls all his belongings ”” a rain jacket, tent, camera, laptop, clothes, and food””in a small rickshaw. He camps alongside the road and cooks most his meals on a small camp stove.

Along the way he has been hospitalized for frostbite, punched by an angry Russian, pawed at by a curious bear and stranded on the side of the road in Kazakhstan. His only complaint so far is the price of beer in Canada””his current location.

“In Europe, I drink every night. Some place you get beer for 60 cents.”

Will somebody please buy this guy a drink?

Take a look at photos of Yoshida and read the rest of the story at the Edmonton Journal.

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