Tips for Taking Travel Photographs that Make Memories [Flashback]

Eiffel Tower at Night
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One year ago today, Amanda Kendle revealed a few tips for taking amateur travel photos to the next level, including:

Change the Angle

Take an over-visited tourist icon like the Eiffel Tower. While some “real travelers” would tell you to stay away, I have a soft spot for the once-condemned radio tower, but it doesn’t involve taking distant pictures of it adorning the Paris skyline. My Eiffel Tower memories all came at unusual angles: photos of the intricate metal structure from inside the elevator, or pictures from underneath the legs looking up.

Making an effort to see things in a way others don’t not only gives you more memorable pictures, you’ll also get more out of your travels.

Check out the full post, Tips for Taking Travel Photographs that Make Memories, and share your own photography tips with us in the comments section!

Founding Editor
  1. I love taking pictures of bridges as we drive under them.

    They may never impress other people, but they make me happy!

    I suspect I would enjoy your Eiffel Tower pictures, too.

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