Times Square Celebrates Love This February

Times Square ©Bernt Rostad

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Times Square is embracing Valentine’s Day with a month-long celebration dubbed “Free Love in Times Square.”

This month couples can renew their vows in the square. Also, couples can they can declare their love at the Crossroads of the World, and the declaration will be projected on a flashing digital billboard for the crowds in the square to witness. Couples who declare their love will also be entered in a second honeymoon sweepstakes.

The Times Square Alliance has also commissioned a public Valentine sculpture for the center of the square for the 4th year in a row. The commissioned sculpture will be on display for the entire month of February.

The sculpture will consist of a 10-foot tall cube of 400 transparent LED light tubes that create a glowing red heart floating in the middle of acrylic rods. The sculpture is brought to life by interactions with people in the city. If a person touches the giant heart installation it beats faster. If you hold hands or kiss the interactive sculpture will glow brighter.

Read more at France 24.

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