Ticketime: Combination Travel Pass and Watch

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A new boarding pass design concept called Ticketime features a fringe electronic paper strip that can be ripped off and wound around the wrist like a watch. The time displayed on the watch will be set to the time zone of the destination zone you’re headed to, and will be set by the airline/train/bus folks at the time you collect your ticket.

The two ends of the strip have magnetic dots that can be used to fasten the “watch” and also serve to power the unit.

You can keep the watch for the duration of the trip. The strips are recyclable and would need be returned back to the transportation provider when you check in for your return trip.

  1. I don’t get it…So you can have this watch, and then you are theoretically on time for when you leave? Is that the point?

  2. It’s an interesting concept. They’ll probably have to make it a nicer design though if they want people to use it but it’s creative.

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