This Week in Offbeat Travel Links – May 5, 2007

  • Travel Gear Blog may have found the perfect camera bag.
  • Vagabonding points us to a few choice excerpts from an interview with pro writer and traveler, Bob Shacochis. My favorite:

    Love humanity, cultivate tolerance, hate injustice. Serve language, not word counts, and don’t just skate around on the glossy surface of things. Say yes to everything but hookers and drugs. To hookers and drugs say…maybe. If an editor tells you the audience you are writing for is composed of idiots who need every little obvious thing spelled out endlessly, tell the editor to go fuck himself/herself.

  • Thru-hiking the Andes Mountain range? Are you freakin’ mad??!? Gregg Treinish and Deia Schlosberg must be, because they’re doing it. Read all about their amazing journey here or check out the travel photos.
  • Thai Tales compiled this great A-Z Guide to Thai Taxi Drivers, which could just as well be an A-Z Guide for [pick a city].
  • An update in the U.S. war on terrorism tourism: BoingBoing is reporting that “America is rated the world’s most unfriendly destination for foreign travellers in a recent global poll.”
  • Apparently hotel stays aren’t what they used to be. And these folks have the photos to prove it.
  • WhereAmIWearing’s Kelsey is working to combat sex tourism by starting a non-governmental organization: “Kick ”˜em Where it Counts” or KEWIC.
  • Unleash your traveling lush with Thirsty Swagman’s World’s Biggest Pub Crawl, promising “60 Pubs. 30 Days. 15 countries. 4 continents. 1 hell of an experience!”

Oh … and a Happy Cinco de Mayo to everyone!

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