The Hotel Window of the Future: Scenery On Demand

Philips Daylight Concept

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Tech company, Philips, seems to have a never-ending well of ingenious high tech gadgetry up their sleeve. How’s that for a mixed metaphor?

Their latest Daylight concept is really a massive monitor resembling a real world window with a variety of customizable, on demand “scenery”.

Via T3:

The Dutch masters say it’s the hotel room of the future: wave your arm in front of the window and change the ambience the room. Block out noise, change the lighting and even add foliage.

For jetlagged power types, there’s blue light, which, we’re told, helps alleviate the effects of spending hours cramped in an airline seat.

It’ll even open virtual blinds when you walk into the room.

The company’s announced the product is still at least ten years away from production.

As a gearhead, it’s hard for me not to admit that this is … well … really damned cool. But nothing can replace opening a real world window and experiencing and breathing in the real air of some far-off city or countryside.

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