SuperTooth DISCO TWIN Portable Bluetooth Speaker Set

SuperTooth DISCO TWIN: Portable Dance Party for Music-Loving Travelers [First Look]

SuperTooth DISCO TWIN Portable Bluetooth Speaker Set

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Most Bluetooth speakers focus on ultra-portability – ideal for the minimalist traveler, but not so much for the avid audiophile. SuperTooth’s DISCO TWIN is an attempt at having your cake and eating it too. The speaker set provides a full 32 watts of stereo (left+right) sound for your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any Bluetooth-enabled device. Each speaker comes equipped with double speakers in front and a high-efficiency bass reflex system in back. Integrated rechargeable batteries ensure 3-4 hours of non-stop, maximum-volume music or up to 10 hours of moderately-played tunes. Twin DJ turntables not included.

Pricing & Availability

Available now from various online retailers for around $200 (USD).

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