SteriPEN Ultra UV Water Purifier
SteriPEN Ultra UV Water Purifier for Purifying Water While Traveling

SteriPEN Ultra: The World’s Most Advanced Portable UV Water Purifier

SteriPEN Ultra UV Water Purifier

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SteriPEN first popped onto our radar back in 2007. Since then, we’ve been traveling with ours to any destination where tap water might be a bit suspect. Every other year or so, the company manages to make their already ultra-compact, user-friendly water purifiers even better. Their latest version – the SteriPEN Ultra – is billed as “the most advanced UV water purifier in the world”.

Features include: a user-friendly, high-contrast OLED screen that provides performance and treatment data; the ability to treat 1L of water in just 90 seconds or 0.5L in 48 seconds; and the impact-resistant bulb is good for at least 8,000 treatments. Bonus: travelers will love the unit’s ability to charge via USB, wall outlet or portable solar panel.

Pricing + Availability

Available now for less than $100 USD directly from SteriPEN or (aff).

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