Japan Introduces Cream Puff-Soy Sauce Ice Cream Trend

Cream puffs! ©dizznbonn

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Japan’s long, hot summer is being met with a salty-sweet treat to beat the heat.

Soy sauce-flavored ice cream and cream puffs are the latest treats concocted to combat the heat in Japan. The combo is the creation of a Tokyo-based consulting firm.

Seki Kinya, the head of the firm, was inspired to help the city of Rikuzentakata, which was hard hit by last year’s tsunami. Rikuzentakata happens to be home to the Yamani Soy Sauce Company. Add to a cream puff and voila! instant summer treat. The cream puffs and ice cream are priced separately, but a portion of the proceeds will be donated to tsunami relief efforts in Rikuzentakata.

More on the new concoction can be seen at Reuters.

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