Soloshot “Automatic Cameraman”: Like Traveling with a Film Crew in Your Daypack

Soloshot "Automatic Cameraman"

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If you’re not the sort of well heeled travel photographer/videographer who rolls with an entire film crew, the new Soloshot is for you. Billed as an “automatic cameraman”, it’s designed for solo recording and capturing of photos and video when you haven’t got a backup crew or friends to do it for you. It mounts between your camera and any standard tripod, then automatically tracks and follows your movements via a radio transmitter armband like so:

At nearly $500 USD, it ain’t cheap. But it’s a helluva lot less expensive than hiring your own personal cameraman … even for a day.

Founding Editor
  1. This is brilliant! Even as a garden-variety travel blogger who doesn’t do a lot of extreme stuff, I can think of lots of applications for this. I have been waiting for someone to invent gear that will help me make videos as a solo traveller. Might have to start saving up my pennies for one.

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