Vapium Weekender Edition

Solar-Powered Vapium Weekender Offers Reliable Off-the-Grid “Vaping”

“Vaping” is all the rage these days. But, like any electronic gadget, the one nagging issue is always power. More specifically: the lack of it.

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Whether you’re on the road, stuck at an airport, or far off the grid, you want to know that your devices, including your vaporizer, are never without power. Enter Vapium’s Weekender Edition – Covert: a smart vaporizing kit that brings a simple, time-tested solution to the table: solar power.

Vapium Weekender Edition

The Skinny

In Vapium’s own words, the Weekender Edition is pretty straightforward and described thusly:

A summer kit to allow you to vaporize off the grid. Included are both the SUMMIT® vaporizer and SPRING™ Solar Charger. Created for the avid outdoor enthusiast or the casual weekend adventurer, VAPIUM’s Weekender Edition is the ideal travel companion.

The Traveler’s Take

The Weekender Edition – Covert is a simple kit that includes two key pieces of gear. The SUMMIT is Vapium’s flagship vaporizer that includes all of the features of comparable gadgets:

  • Maximum Flavour Retention
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • 8 Temperature Settings
  • Vibration Notification
  • Cleaning Kit

A few noteworthy features set it apart, however, making it ideal for travelers and road warriors. The ruggedized exterior is constructed of high strength polycarbonate, meaning it’s ready to take anything you can throw at it. A clever magnetic design also ensures that all the parts snap together easily and you never need worry about losing the lid. Lastly, the unit is rechargeable from any standard micro USB port, with a battery that provides up to a solid hour of use on a single charge.

But what really takes the kit to a new level is the included Spring Solar Charger & Backup Battery. This straightforward unit offers four essential features, including:

  • 5000 mAh Internal Battery
  • Dual 5W Usb Power Ports
  • Flashlight
  • Splashproof Design (Ipx04)

The Spring’s versatility allows you to charge, not only the SUMMIT, but any other compatible device as well. It’s an ideal battery backup for casual users looking to juice up their devices no matter where they happen to be traveling.

Pricing + Availability

Available now in Covert, Sage, or Slate for $189.99 (USD). Currently only ships to USA customers.

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