Snow Lizard SLXTREME 5 iPhone Case (yellow)

Snow Lizard SLXTREME 5 Case: Like a Near-indestructable “Black Box” for Your iPhone

You know how airplane black boxes are designed to withstand a crash from 30,000 feet, then set on fire, then being submerged underwater indefinitely? Snow Lizard’s new SLXTREME 5 case is kind of like that level of protection for your iPhone. OK, it’s not quite that durable, but it is designed to withstand the daily rigors of travel and people who really, really likes to beat the sh*t out of their mobile gear.

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Snow Lizard SLXTREME 5 iPhone Case (yellow)

It’s billed as “the world’s only WATERPROOF, BATTERY, RUGGED, SOLAR POWERED iPhone 5/5S Case”. Which isn’t surprising since that’s an almost insane amount of features to cram into one case.

It features ruggedized waterproof protection & built-in battery-boosting power with an integrated 2550 mAh battery to extend your iPhone’s charge by more than 150%. It also includes a built-in solar panel for emergency charging when you’re away from a power source.

The design makes it simple to slide the iPhone 5/5S into the polycarbonate case with a top loading lid and a quarter turn thumb-screw makes it quick and easy to charge. A certified MIL SPEC 810G rating means the SLXtreme 5/5S will protect your phone from 6-foot (2m) falls, dust and sand. This new model has also been updated to include a 3.5mm audio input jack allowing users to listen to their favorite tunes and a watertight plug to keep it waterproof.

Plus: it just looks really, really badass.

Pricing + Availability

Available now in Black, Orange, Yellow, White or Hunter Camo for $149.99 USD at

Founding Editor
  1. this would not stand up well in the field, all those contact points on the perimeter would crack and fail on about the 2nd drop. that latch on top would be the first to fail. keep this around the house and yard and you might be OK. another example of design overkill leading to epic fail.

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