Signspotting: Beware of Skiing Kangaroos, Australia

Signspotting: Beware of Skiing Kangaroos, Australia
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Is this a real problem then? Out there in the middle of the Australian deserts, there are allegedly scores of kangaroos carving up the slopes? Begs the question: are they only into skiing? Or snowboarding as well?

Founding Editor
  1. I think someone is playing a practical joke – the skis look a little different from the rest of the sign.

    Still cute, though.

  2. I saw a similar sign the other day: a koala playing with a yo-yo.

    That’s one talented koala – I can’t even get those bloody things to do much more than dangle at the bottom of the string and get twisted up!

    You gotta hand it to Australian wildlife…they know how to have a good time.

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