McDonald's "Table Delicacies" Sign in Beijing, China

Signposting: Finding Table Delicacies at McDonald’s, Beijing

McDonald's "Table Delicacies" Sign in Beijing, China
© Nora Dunn

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This is the fanciest take on McDonalds fare I’ve ever seen; a place I discovered at the Beijing Train Station while awaiting the world’s fastest train from Beijing to Shanghai. I’ve never seen “McDonalds” and “delicacies” used in tandem, so I figure it had to be good. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to go in and sample the food (which I’m sure was absolutely exquisite, as only McDonalds can be), as I was on a pressing schedule: The Ultimate Train Challenge – which involved 30 days by train from Lisbon to Saigon. I caught this little gem of a sign on Day 25.

  1. Wow. Really? That’s a sign for a completely different restaurant. Space is limited in most of Asia, so they often stack restaurants on top of one another. That restaurant was probably above the McDonald’s. Can’t you tell by the pictures of food? I have ate at McDonald’s in Beijing and it has 99% of the same food as America. Not Chinese dishes like in the picture. Try a little research and common sense before you start poking fun at things…

  2. Oh…a couple of snarky comments re your photos for fun. I must say I didn’t know snakeheads are a type of fish. As the saying goes…I learn something new every day. Maybe the translation is difficult. I had a desert in Spain once translated to “Angels hair”. Was more like marmalade to me…not that I know what angels hair is like!
    I thought the only reason to eat in McDonalds overseas (or anywhere!) was to use the loo/toilet/restroom.
    Love your blogs Nora. Granada warmer than NZ I bet!

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