Signspotting: Please Sit on the Sitting Toilet, Malaysia

Signspotting: Please Sit on Sitting Toilet
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Only in Asia (Malaysia to be exact), would they have to tell you to SIT on a sitting toilet …

  1. There are squatting toilets here too … strangely, there has never been signs telling you not to sit in those …

  2. …I’ve seen footprints on an asian loo seat before – so it really must happen!

    (it’s still pretty funny though. haha)

  3. Strangely enough we have these same signs in our university bathrooms in Christchurch NZ, so perhaps not just in Asia … I laughed out loud (in the toilet) when I first saw them!

  4. It doesn’t happen in Malayasia alone. Happens in India as well. As for NZ, I think the sign was put up for the Asians :)

  5. Ahaha, not only in Malaysia!! Similar to arnika, we have them in some university bathrooms. They’re a pretty recent (and loltastic) addition.

  6. it’s not because they are stupid, but they are just too hygienist, they don’t want to sit in that thing where all people’s naked butt have been sit in that.

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